D300 and photographing snow

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Re: D300 and photographing snow

Matrix metering will try to identify the scene as a snow covered scene and expose accordingly.  It will not always be perfect.  You have a couple options depending upon your priority.  If the subject in your scene is the most important part of the scene, then use either center weighted or spot metering on the subject and let the background do whatever it comes out at.

If you're trying to expose the snow such that it is bright, but still shows detail, then you will need to watch the histogram.  Take a test shot and see if the highlights are near the right edge, but not past peaked against it.  Then, either use EC or manual exposure adjustments to take another exposure to put the highlights in the histogram in the right place.

For general snapshots of people out and about, I find that matrix metering does a pretty good job as long as your subject isn't backlit or in the shade with a sunlit background.  For more thorough shots, examine the histogram and use EC.  After a little experience, you will get used to what a given scene probably needs.

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