RX100 - Charging the Battery

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Re: RX100 - Charging the Battery

Yes - if you do a little search on Ebay for such as "Sony RX-100 Charger" I think that alone will bring up quite a few and I understand that many on Forum have bought one or other of these for the added ease of use.
Possibly a similar search on Amazon site may well come up with something also.
It depends greatly just how much continual use you may put the camera to.. it does have quite a reasonable battery life..better if you switch off a few things that frankly I doubt are a proper necessity to many users yet which if left ON will certainly add to battery drainage.

Even so, I've not found it a massive problem to connect the lead supplied .. to camera and charge point.. and just leave it for a modest time to recharge. A full charge after you have used the camera enough to need it.. does not take any longer I think than most of the seperate chargers you may buy.   Probably the biggest advamtage of buying an external charger is that many of them do include an extra battery.. not sure what level of quality those are though..

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