7D vs 5DMarkII?

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Re: 7D vs 5DMarkII?

S Kent wrote:

I am stumped. Upgrading from T2i and was going to get the 7D but now the 5DMII is so close in price, I have to consider it.

I take a wide range of photos--artistic and architectural, but I also take a LOT of pictures of my kids and other people, candids and portraits. I also take some video. I have a number of lenses, some L--everything from macro to telephoto.

You mention what you like to take photos of ... Basically of almost everything. But what kind of photographer are you? How do you see the world?

There are 2½ types of photographers:

  • Wide angle photographers. When they look and work at it, they see the whole scene as one, then they can analyze and pick it apart. Most photographers need to work to become wide angle photographers.
  • Tele photographers. They see details then they scan the world in front, they put the views together to make it a wide angle panorama, like a sunset, the mountains, architecture... Most people (including me) are "naturally" this kind of photographer.  That's why we forget the pole sticking out of the shoulder...
  • The standard 50mm, the ½. These are the people that are very happy with their iPhone photos (Usually a slightly wide angle but then people crop to what would be the equivalent of a 50mm).

If you have something like Lightroom, check your lens percentages.

  • Teles then go for the 7D
  • Wide then go for the 5DMk2

What's the usage of your photos? Prints? Web? If the vast majority of your usage is web, there won't be much advantage in getting a full frame. Noise isn't much of a concern at 1200 pixel wide from wither a 7d or a 5dMk2.

Whatever your choice, they are both excellent cameras and enjoy...

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