Just recieved Rokkor 50/1.7 help needed with setings.

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Re: Just recieved Rokkor 50/1.7 help needed with setings.

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I just recieved my Minolta Rokkor X 50mm/1.7 to use with my Nex-7. Am i correct in thinking i have to set the Release w/o Lens to Enable, then use in Shutter priority and adjust the Shutter speed till i get the image correctly exposed in viewfinder, or maybe even use the histogram for checking exposure.

Release w/o Lens, then use any mode you like! But despite the camera's inability to now control aperture, I prefer A mode with manual lenses - it lets the camera control shutter speed automatically while you select your desired aperture and concentrate on framing/composition rather than fiddling with shutter speeds.

I have tried to shoot in A mode, but the camera does not consider that the lens is without OSS. i.e. when using 58mm Helios 44M-4 in A mode, camera offers 1/60 witch is to slow for me, 1/100 would be more convinient. That`s why I am using S mode, set the shooter to 1/100 and let the camera chose ISO, while I am manually controlling aperture with ring on the lens.

NEX-5, A mode, Canon FD 35/2 at around f2.8



Great picture!


But of course the camera isn't considering anything about OSS - in A mode it is only calculating the correct shutter speed to achieve the exposure value you have selected for EV, at your chosen aperture setting (yes, the camera doesn't know your aperture, but it does know how much light the lens is letting in) and ISO setting. Nothing else. But perhaps in autoISO it doesn't keep shutter fast enough for you, in which case S mode is better for you.


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