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Re: SD card query with D7000

Ando72 wrote:

vkyr2 wrote:

Depending on your RAW settings when using default compact RAW options you should get more images stored on a 8 GB card. When using default RAW options a D7k RAW file has a size of about ~18 to 19 MB when stored.

A 8 GB card has 8 589 934 592 bytes and with an average RAW file size of 20 312 064 bytes (19 MB) you should then be able to store round about 8 589 934 592 / 20 312 064 = 423 raw files.

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On newly formatted Sandisk 8GB cards I get the following, from worst to best:

14 bit, lossless compressed - 223

12 bit, lossless compressed - 291

14 bit, compressed - 330

12 bit, compressed - 398

Note these are as indicated on the camera, not necessarily how many images you will get. My 14 bit, lossless compressed files, unedited, range from 17 to over 21 MB.

Okay thanks to everyone that has replied.  I bought the camera second hand and I don't have a manual (though I guess I can download one).  I guess there are some settings in there which might have been changed from their default by the camera's original owner who (according to the camera shop anyway) traded it in for a D800 after just a few months.

If what is written above is correct and the D90 is 12bit lossless compressed then by setting the D7000 to the same setting it should use up only 30% more space (equal to the corresponding 30% increase in MP).  However your test shows the camera reporting only 291 which is somewhat more than just 30%.

I'll fiddle about with the settings when I get home and see what I can come up with.  Many thanks for the suggestions.  Maybe Father Christmas will bring me some memory cards?

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