Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

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Re: Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

1. Yes, shooting at ISO 50 at 1/4000 is the same exposure-wise as ISO 100 at 1/8000. As was suggested you can also over expose at ISO 100 and correct the exposure on the computer. If this is a critical issue (e.g. you need to stop even faster motion) then maybe a different camera is better. I haven't had a situation where faster than 1/4000 was needed.

2. I'm not an expert with flash but I'm pretty sure the D600 can get to 1/250 with flash in some situations (not sure when). Look in the menu and manual, I think I remember seeing something about it. Most Canons get to 1/200 AFAIK, at least my much cheaper APS-C Canon does and it doesn't feel like a limitation to me on the D600.

3. There is a rumor that this will change in a firmware update. True or not, who knows...

4. I think this is possible, check the manual and the menu, if I remember there is a place where you can assign the different buttons. I prefer to use the shutter button for focusing anyway because I wear glasses and using the thumb button is not the most comfortable (plus I prefer to use just one finger regardless).

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