T-shirt "Product Shots" w/ models NO FACE SHOWN

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Re: T-shirt "Product Shots" w/ models NO FACE SHOWN

cRiley36 wrote:

I know a decent amount about this gear,

Do ya?

but I would love to know where I should place the lighting to get the best results.

'Best' results? there is no 'best' since we have absolutely ZERO idea what you are looking for.

Why, 'in the proper places' would be - proper. Of course, there are a dozen 'proper' places and ways to place and use them... want me to list them all?

Do I need to get a softbox or another umbrella?

Yes. No. Maybe. Since no one here can magically know what you intend the outcome to be, no one can REALLY answer you beyond guessing and what 'they would do'.

What are YOUR experiences with your gear so far? Have you used it yet? Taking a photo? Have you set it up and shot yourself yet? In a hoodie and t-shirt?

That would be step 1.

Which light should be on my subject and how?

I suggest either the B800 or the sb700. How? Point it at them, with the power on.

Just basically how should this be setup?

Yikes! I'm not going to list out all 12+ ways of 'doing it' - so pick a number, 1 thru 12, and I'll explain that one way to you.

I really appreciate everyones time here, Thanks a lot.

Sorry, couldn't help much, but given the total lack of information other than 'I know how to use my lights, but tell me how to use them...'- it's hard to give any REAL advice.


Try this - put the B800 with umbrella, point it at the subject, maybe 1/4 power. Point the speedlight at the Bg, maybe 1/2 power, maybe 1/4... Shoot your camera at an ISO with an aperture setting - adjust power and settings and distance and modifiers until you get what you want. Good luck!

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