Aperture3: "internal" import function broken

Started Nov 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Aperture3: "internal" import function broken

webfrasse wrote:

That's odd, works fine for me (3.4.3). I see no changes in behavior when it comes to import.

I contemplated refreshing Aperture to the 3.4.x level, but I cannot, because I am still at the Snow Leopard version of OSX, and 3.4 requires Lion or higher.  The reason I am at the Snow Leopard level is because the application that I use the most on the Mac is Aperture.  I liked Aperture so much that we bought another copy to give to our adult son as a gift.  Shortly after he installed Aperture on his iMac, he upgraded to Lion, and that OS upgrade rendered Aperture totally useless, refreshing the screen for each and every pixel the cursor was moved; it took minutes -- literally -- just to move the cursor across the screen. He deleted Aperture from his system and threw the disk away.

Back to the topic line, Aperture 3.2.x's import function always has worked fine here, too, for about two years, until this week.  Then (I had not changed any settings), suddenly it didn't.

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