Why is pic so dark?

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Re: Nothing wrong

BAK wrote:

There's nothing wrong with your photos, for the most part.

Yes, some are completely misfocused. That's because autofocus needs light in order to focus, and whatever kind of autofocus assist comes from your off brand flash didn't work, sometimes.

Look carefully for the focus light on the subject part you think matters.

The sample you posted originally is the only lousy shot in your collection, and I remain convinced you did not allow the flash unit to charge properly.

In answer to someone else's question, most flash units will fire before they are fully charged.

I put most of your photos into Photoshop and looked at them carefully. Using Auto Levels, the part of the picture that matters turned out fine.

Do you iunderstand the inverse square law?

This means that light gets dimmer when it travels farther, which is why your shots are fine where it matters, and darker in the background.


I try to get back on when I can so there is usually a delay with my responses, thanks for your help. Honestly I did not look to see id the flash was fully charged, that the camera and flash were turned on just to shoo that group shot so it's possible part of the problem was less tha full charge. The flash is a 580EX II and the IR is good out to 32.8 feet so I should not be gettin as many out of focus shots as I am. The out of focus  shot of the Halloweeners was illuminated by 20W halogen low voltage bollards directly below them and a outdoor light fixture a good ways away behind and below me in between my garage doors, so IMO there was sufficient light for focus but even not the IR could easily reach the sugjects. Again thanks for your imput

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