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tron555 wrote:

I probably should have asked for any comparisons at ISO400 and below, since that is what basically what these cameras are actually capable of. As I’ve said in many of my posts, these two camera’s (any camera with a 1/1.7” sensor or smaller) are only good for taking pictures at ISO80-400, and that is pushing it. As soon as you hit ISO800, noise and loss of detail is very prevalent, especially viewing at 100% or more. Therefore, I disregard those comparisons since they were shot taken at ISO1600, which is WAY outside the useful range of the cameras. Also, all 4 of those images have so much noise/grain/smearing and low detail, they are not worth comparing anyway.

Besides Dimitri, all you do is send image after image that do not prove anything but your own agenda and you have no credibility with me.

And this is all anyone gets picture after picture, that prove nothing. What people need is to take the pictures themselves. But who can buy or rent all the cameras needed? So we look at the posted examples and read what is posted about them. Then it's just anyone guess if it all really helps them decide on the one to buy.

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