That's just a snapshot.

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Re: That's just a snapshot.

brianj wrote:

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but only if it tells a story, otherwise its worth no words.

I enjoy taking photos of the things I see around me, and sometimes show them on a forum, and as the forums have almost wound down to the point where there is no interest at all, I thought I would show a few images I took yesterday in the Samples and gallery forum, although I suspect that no one looks there anyway.

But one person took the time to give me genuine feedback which is very difficult to get,

I enjoy looking at the pictures posted in the Samples and Galleries forum, but most posts, like yours, are simply presenting pictures, not requesting feedback or comment.  It might help people respond if a specific request were made, such as explaining what you were trying to accomplish and asking how well you did, or pointing out something you don't like about a picture and asking how it could be overcome.

As to storytelling, I don't believe pictures by themselves tell stories.  Primarily, pictures help me remember what people, places, and events looked like.  They're great for illustrating text in encyclopedias, travel guides, etc.  Properly captioned, pictures, especially a series of pictures (such as the example digirame provided), can enable others to appreciate something of what we saw.  But it takes language to tell a story with some degree of fidelity.

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