Panasonic Gx1 maybe but with what lens?

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Re: Panasonic Gx1 maybe but with what lens?

The quick word on the Panasonic kit lenses:

14-45mm: reportedly the best quality of the lot, still available new, but not as part of a kit.

14-42mm: a slightly cheaper equivalent to the 14-45mm, still great quality, but sitting in second place. readily available and cheaper though (including as part of a kit with a new camera)

14-42x: a newer and fancier lens - power zoom rather than a manual ring, and a much more compact lens (about half the depth of the 14-42mm when collapsed). The big issue is that quality can be variable - there have been well reported problems with the IS when used within certain shutter ranges, but with IS off and/or outwith those particular shutter speeds it is a good performer.

The other options would be looking to one of the prime lenses available - the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 and 14mm f2.5 are both great quality, great value and very compact lenses - only you will know what is appropriate to your shooting style.

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