Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

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I have programmed my AE-L/AF-L button to "AF-on" and moved exposure AE-L "lock-hold"  to the preview (top) button, and usually have "FV lock" assigned to the preview (bottom) button on my D600.  This is the setup I like.  The placement of the AE-L/AF-L button is better than it was on the D7000, but still a nudge too far to the left, but you quickly learn to compensate.  AF-on works just fine for me there now - but I still prefer the ergonomics of my D700, but the files coming out of the D600 are just a step up, so that is the camera I reach for now - D700 is my backup, except maybe for very fast action (not my thing generally anyway).

New in this gen Nikons is that when you activate focus from a reprogramed button, VR in a VR capable lens also activates; which of course makes perfect sense.

About the 1/4000 and 1/200th limits - not a big deal IMO - in exchange for a reduced top shutter/sync speed you get a much much quieter shutter (compared to D700/D3/D800) on the D600 ... and that IS quite significant in some or even many circumstances - the smallness and quietness of the 600 can be a real advantage ... and 1/3 stop flash sync is hardly noticeable ... more important is the new FV comp. ability, custom setting "e4", where you can choose either "whole frame" i.e.. "flash and ambient", or "background only" i.e. "just ambient"t ...

I won't go into this in depth, but this has real ramification for event shooters who use flash a lot, and this function is not on the D800 oddly - (so the D600 must have gone into development before the D600) ... so regarding flash photography, the D600 is really Nikon's leading camera at the moment despite the slightly reduced flash sec speed



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