Are you worried about the D800's build quality?

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J Mankila wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

J Mankila wrote:

Seriously, if you're talking about world economy, you really ought to look at the economic situation in the States and China, first. Some european countries are to blame, yes, but I won't believe they have much say on a global scale.

We see ups and downs with the stock market in the USA when there is good or bad news about the financial situation in Europe. It is all connected. The EU is a significant financial player.

Stock market ups and downs do not constitute a recession. A few large banks falling off a cliff can start one.

Let's call it a draw, shall we? (If there's no smiley here, please, know that I tried.)

It isn't a competition. Lots of things can cause financial problems globally. The EU policies are just one of them.

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