Poor review for 16-50 e mount

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Re: Poor review for 16-50 e mount

RicksAstro wrote:

flangad wrote:

this is not poor. what did you expect? a prime lense performance at all focal lengh?

no compromises!  

Ironically, to me this thing kicks the 16mm prime's behind for edge sharpness at 16mm. At 5.6, the zoom is giving very good results, where the 16mm is still mushy. At f8, the zoom is in the excellent range across the frame, where the prime I could never get it acceptable in the corners at any aperture.

Everyone likes to complain about the 16mm prime, but it's not so horrible.  It was obviously not designed to be perfect. Below is a corner crop from a f6.3 shot, after processing with DxO. Most of the image is sharp, and this corner is the worst-case, as an area that isn't in focus, and considering the subject, it has sufficient resolution here. What would I do with more corner resolution? Count grains of sand?  Putting an important subject in the corners is petty rare, so I think this is a reasonable trade-off for the compactness.  Of course, using DxO is kind of cheating, as it cleans up a lot of the CA and sharpens the corners. But, I'm willing to try a 16-50, as long as I have software processing available.

Another thing about the 16mm prime -- while LensRentals complains about it, the numbers they post show that the center sharpness is about the same as the Sigma 19, and better than some of the other zooms, at f4. At f8, I find the corners pretty clean, but if the conditions call for f6.3, that seemed to be OK.

I have this lens and I find it's an excellent lens! If you want absolute sharpness, you can get it by stopping down.

That can be said for many lenses. I have an old A-mount lens that is horrible at the wide angle and wide open, but at f8, it's really nice.

I compared it against the Nikon 24-85 kit on a D600, and while the Nikon has a slight advantage, for 90% of the applications, the Sony output would be virtually indistinguishable.

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