steadycam, best focal lenght and frame rate for weddings ?

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Re: steadycam, best focal lenght and frame rate for weddings ?

I have a problem the cameras that I have are olympus e-pl1, olympus e-p1, Sony a55 and Sony A57 and the olympus are 30p at 720p and the Sonys have the 25p frame rate so I would haev a problem with A and B having different frame rate and I don´t know how to convert without problems... (although differences in color will be more visible than framerate I guess) (i will need the cameras for stills too).

The sony you mentioned is a small camera that looks like the cameras the guests may have and without a steadycam or Led light will look even more amateur... but I will consider it and will see tests...

Do you know the best way to convert 30p to 25p? Do you use image stabilization with a steadycam?

Sony a55 and 57 autofocus is very good and a57 even has peaking and focus hold... so focus doesn´t worry me much.

Which wireless mic do you recommend for being close to the bride and groom? will it be so much noticeable since our weddings are always in the church and churches have speakers, amplifiers and their one mic...

Probably will use only A and B camera one normal and the other for the close ups..

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