Sony Bundle Lens Kit Comparison: New 16-50 Power zoom Lens vs. Old 18-55 Lens

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Re: Sony Bundle Lens Kit Comparison: New 16-50 Power zoom Lens vs. Old 18-55 Lens

kjay80 wrote:

I am a newbie, so opinions from the experienced photographers, pros are welcome!

I know there are lots of threads regardint to disappointment of 16-50 powerzoom performance, but is it really WORSE than the old 18-55 Bundle kit Lens?

I am trying to get either Nex 5R or Nex 6, but the bundle kit matters to me since I will be practicing my skills with an upcoming unit for at least couple years...

Any thoughts on the new bundle kit lens being that bad?

Summary of what I've gathered so far.

If you shoot RAW, use the older lens as its easier to correct and has the slight edge optically, plus profiles already exist in most of the major editors..

If you shoot JPEG the new lens is great as all of the optical deficiencies are delt with in camera and you can enjoy the benefit of the smaller form factor. Optically its a 14-15mm lens at the wide end with awkward to fix distortion (a mix of both pincushion and barrel distortion due to the collapsable design from what I've read). Its only with correction that it becomes 16mm.

Not sure which is better with focus speed and accuracy. Both lenses are compatable with PDAF but ive not found conclusive evidence at which performs best.

Start up time of the camera is slower with the 16-50 than the 18-55.

Both are good for video.

As a RAW shooter, I'm going to avoid getting this lens until there is a suitable lightroom profile and will wait until the new year to get it with the NEX 6. I most likely use it as a last resort space saving lens for when I dont want to take a selection of my better lenses and get rid of my 18-55. My view is, when I want high performance I use a prime. All zooms are a compromise so I may as well go for the one that offers additional convenience over slightly reduced image quality.

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