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Re: A plea to Olympus: Exposure compenastion in manual mode on the E-M5

tjuster1 wrote:

Anthony Curcione wrote:

That would be completely pointless in manual mode. All e posture compensation does is change the shutter or aperture or both depending on what mode your in. You're already doing that in manual!

If you want exposure comp, use shutter priority or aperture priority.

Sigh. Another ignorant post.

It's not completely pointless, as anyone who has used this setting knows. It's actually very handy to have the camera pick the ISO after you've set both the shutter speed and aperture, and it would be even better if you could dial in some exposure compensation for the same damn reason you dial in exposure compensation in A mode, or S mode: to compensate for areas of the image that are too bright or too dark.

But can't you just adjust the ISO yourself to suit i.e. to the same level of brightness you'd get with AUTO ISO choosing the ISO and then you yourself dialling the EC?

In other words pretty much just set the ISO by eye like you set the EC by eye.

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