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3systermuser wrote:

if you really used it extensively like I did , you would know it is a cheap very slow camera with very poor build.

the AF in this camera is very old dated D7k AF system ,which is known to have many many minor design flaws.

the OVF in this camera has really annoying yellow tint in it.

the video is very bad , you can even not change f number in video and LV mode.

although built like a toy , this so-called entry level FX is heavier than my A99v,which actually replaced my D600.

I also have a D800 and I think the D800 is a much better camera than the D600.

so, if you want a Nikon , get the D800, what you get what you pay for , the D600 is not any kind of rival or threat to the A99v or the D800.

by the way, the dust issue is serious (very serious)and it alone should have made it a not-recommended kind of camera(if the review had been honest)

You must be on the mission with this in every forum. You did not like it, who cares?

Apparently you care enough to devote most of your forum time in other forums, specifically this one.

Weren't you the one who's been saying for 2 weeks that we shouldn't care what others think if it ticks the right boxes for us? To use your own words, are you threatened by the positive A99 experiences overshadowing the D600 problems?

bad camera. Actually the sales figures will not really depend much on the capabilities. The canon 6D will also outsell the a99. Actually all FFs will outsell the a99 just because of the broader user base in the other camps. If you can accept this fact, you will truly enjoy your camera because nothing out there will matter

You keep bringing up sales (clearly to help justify your choice), yet also attempt to tell us that sales don't matter. Note the irony.

Look, you are definately not seeing it from my perspective. I was advising this dude that by bad mouthing the D600 wont change the sales figures at all. So what is the point of going that way if it changes nothing or very little. It is just better to embrace what he has. It is not a secret that when it comes to sales figures, the a99 is likely to come in the last position but that has nothing to do with wheher the a99 is better or worse. Now do you get my argument?

What makes you think sales are his motive? You keep bringing up sales for no apparent reason other than your own misty brainwaves. And to follow your reasoning above, what makes you think that your rants in Sony and Canon forums about their perception of Nikon cameras will have any effect on sales?

What's your beef in these forums to begin with, going by your own mantra "shoot what you're happy with, stop caring about the rest"? You've already shared with us that you will "never leave Nikon".

I've never understood people giving out advice they refuse to follow themselves.

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