Anyone found a tablet that can review AVCHD video smoothly? (other than IPads)

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Re: Anyone found a tablet that can review AVCHD video smoothly? (other than IPads)

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You're assuming of course that you're giving up that sharing option with an Android device, which is far from the truth. Even my last year Android phone can already stream 1080P videos and photos to my TV without a hickup....

What are you using to stream your 1080p video to your TV? Android only a week or so ago released the ability to do this a'la Airplay-like functionality, if I'm not mistaken.

Samsung Allshare for example which I've been using since may 2011, but I've also done it with another app, of which I don't remember the name. Works on 2 different Samsung tv's that I use but also a Philips one, basically all 3 that I tested it on.

But... this is not an Android feature. It is a feature of specific apps or devices. That is the very point I was making. There is a difference between a feature of the platform, and a feature of an app or device OEM.

DLNA is a feature supported by the Android platform. You don't need a Samsung to use this features a HTC for example can do it too. The fact that not all devices running Android have it, doesn't change that fact. Nor my point that not using Apple (but for example Android instead) automatically means giving up features such as these.

A platform feature gives one freedom of choice. I don't have to use a Samsung tablet or a specific app. I should have the freedom of choice, because any and every app should automatically be able to stream its video and/or audio to a television or hi fi of my choice (not just one from Samsung, or Apple for that matter).

You have freedom of brand (several choices), freedom of devices (serveral devices per brand) and freedom of app (several apps, standard or not) vs one brand lock in. I don't see the latter as liberating as you described it.

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