D300 and photographing snow

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Re: D300 and photographing snow

Jen003 wrote:


My question is how to shoot snow and end up with correct exposures. I live in Brisbane, Oz which has a similar climate to Florida and no snow. I am going to Canada for a white Christmas (hopefully).

If someone would be kind enough to spell out the answer as I'm not very technical and yes, this camera is way better than my skills of using it. I know it's digital but I really hate the trial & error thing and won't have time in any case with a tight schedule to see what we want to see.

F11 seems to be the sweet spot on this camera so I usually shoot in aperture mode for landscapes, f8 for flowers and f5.6 for action. I did a workshop with a renowned photographer who keeps things simple - suits me. I revert to Program mode when the lighting looks tricky as that always seems to be better than using exposure compensation or adjusting the ISO.

Thanks in advance


Problem is that the camera does not know that snow is snow. For the camera snow is a large whie area in the frame, which it sees as overexposure. Best idea is to use a grey card for metering or the inside of your hand.

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