Not keeping EITHER my nex5r or the 6!

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Re: Not keeping EITHER my nex5r or the 6!

NeilJones wrote:

Tried them both for a week and they are both nice cameras but image quality is just the same as the nex5n. (Both only had kit lenses, 16-50 and 18-55)

there is just no "wow" factor with either camera. (I've also owned the 7 with the CZ which gave more of that "wow" factor)

Decided to take the plunge and get the full frame RX1 after seeing the high iso examples being posted.

I figured to get more out of the 5r or 6, I would really need to buy the awesome CZ 24mm lens again.

This would bring up cost closer to the rx1.

so I took a deep breath and hit the add to cart button.

I think my Nikon D600 and Sony RX1 will be a nice combo.


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I do appreciate your comments and the context.

I have a D800e, so I do appreciate good IQ.  However, what I'm looking for in the form factor of a Nex camera is something that I can take everywhere that has IQ noticeably superior to a P&S.

I think that I get that with the Nex 6/16-50mm combo. Yes, the distortion is bad and the vignetting is severe.  However, the lens is very sharp with good color and contrast.  It comes very close to what my D5100 does with a Sigma 17-50mm lens and produces superior IQ to the Canon Rebel cameras.

I just have to decide whether the size benefit is enough for me to spend $1000 or should I just continue schlepping around my D5100.

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