Why am I losing ICONS on my WinExplorer display (XP)

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Re: Why am I losing ICONS on my WinExplorer display (XP)

skyglider wrote:

I have a hard time figuring out what you're trying to say. Maybe others may be having difficulty too.

If you can post a picture of your screen, that would be very helpful. With dpreview's "insert image from your computer", it's very easy to post pictures directly from your computer.


I doin't see what the difficulty is.. seems straightfoirward enough to me..  normally when I open WinExplorer in my XP I get this sort of Layout....

Note - top line of the screen is Main Toolbar with Icons and Text underneath.. simple to follow AND customisable as to what items (with Icon/Text) are shown...THEN the Toolbar is locked..

But at odd times and or no reason I can figure out..I open WinExplorer and instead of the above I just get a simple row of NAMES...NO Icons .. and it's much more difficult..well LOTS less easy.. to use the general commands like Copy..Paste..Move..Delete etc..  and I just can't figure out WHY the change occurs for absolutely no seen reason at all...

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