Are Anti-Aliasing Filters still a necessity?

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Are Anti-Aliasing Filters still a necessity?

I see Pentax now has a no AA filter version of their K5 11 camera as well. Fuji, Leica are others.

Using a D800E for some time now I would from now on always choose a non AA camera over an AA camera just for that little bit of extra zing in the image.

I also see plenty of superb D600 and D800 images though so I wouldn't overblow the issue but if every little bit is important to you then the E model has very little downside if really any significant one and a measurable upside. Its not just sharpness its more lively, engaging image that the extra resolution and microcontrast provides. Its subtle but still noticeable.


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