DR is no more an Olympus weakness : DXO E-PL5 review

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Re: DR is no more an Olympus weakness : DXO E-PL5 review

Amin Sabet wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

So on paper, the epl-5 is the new m43 king, it gets an extra point for the improved noise handling? This is interesting as I do find the OM-D very good with noise handling, especially with the new f/w. In any event from 50's to 70@s is incredible leap in performance and not only DR, look at the noise performance these cams are turning in.

No, here's what DxOmark had to say: "The Pen E-PL5 takes 100% advantage of its new sensor and offers the same image quality as the OM-D E-M5"

The difference in low light ISO which they recorded is not significant. They could have found the same difference testing two different E-M5s or the same E-M5 on two occasions.

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Agreed, variation in copies can amount to differences, but maybe the new f/w has added a few improvements too, I keep all my NR settings off on my OMD and see very little noise in LR at default settings. Looking good though, and maybe we'll yet see a 20mp sensor with better DR and noise, that would be something, an oversized sensor ala the GH2 is still my long-term wish for the OMD line, togther with 50mbit 50fps 1080 and 100fps 720, in my dreams!

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