OK ALL YOU full frame camera fanatics

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One step at a time ..

John King wrote:

SergeyGreen wrote:

John King wrote:


Come back when you have even the vaguest idea of what you are talking about, Green.

The manufacturer's ISO is the "real ISO". The manufacturer (any manufacturer ... ) has absolutely nothing to gain from selling a camera that does not expose correctly.

But it's not what the "owner" of the graphs you cited states,


As has been mentioned already, The E-M5 line cannot be compared directly to the ideal line because "true" ISO is about 1/3EV lower than the stated ISO. So think of the E-M5 line as about 1/3EV to the left of where it shows.


What a huge, massive, big deal ... 1/3 EV. The heavens just fell on me.


As usual, you have gone off at half-cock, without understanding any of what is available to you as readily as it is to me. BUT, that doesn't suit your purpose either, of course.

I bolded what you said above, about true and real, now you say it is not a big deal. So is the manufacture's ISO "real ISO" or is it not?

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