Ricoh is really spoiling us

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Re: Ricoh is really spoiling us

Patience. Though even for me its running a bit low. Takeovers and then bringing new Pentax-Ricoh products to market does take time. I was hoping we might have seen something this week, but even this week is really only the very earliest they might have got their act together for. It doesn't help us that Ricoh have always been painfully silent on their plans. A "simple stuff in the works" message would be enough to tide me over. Will just have to take photos instead

But Ricoh have been quietly active. The new patents for the zoom, and for new micro lens production techniques have been issued. Changes in the top personnel in the company suggest Ricoh have their plans and are putting them in place. Just drop us a crumb of info as well please!

3 months time and it could all be changed. Pentax Ricoh could bring out a swathe of new products that mark their serious intent in the camera business and combining the best of Pentax Ricoh. Half a dozen assorted GXR modules, including a full frame mount with dust and shake reduction, a new body with integrated oled evf, a GRD replacement and this forum could get back to the serious business of talking about cars and the best camera bags for all the new toys

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