D7K. Random photos for C&C

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Re: D7K. Random photos for C&C

I'm no expert.  But just my impressions...

The first photo ended up being striking to me - but I'm not if it's entirely the photo or the title.  But you did get a reaction from me.  I really like the colors, maybe it would have been a little better 'tipped' so that the scarf made a more diagonal line, and the purse wasn't so centered.

The gate to nowhere is interesting. But it maybe needs a bit more 'pop' - post processing.

The train track isn't my favorite somehow.  The rocks in the front are in such sharp focus, but aren't really that interesting as a subject.  I might like it better with both tracks shown, and a larger depth of field.

The bridge is nice, you captured the 'old' feel of it.

The sunset is beautiful, I really like the feel of it.  This one may be my favorite.  The only thing is, the boat is a bit too centered for me, and the line of the water to land is sort of in the middle of the photo.  It might be a little better with less water and more sky.  Or even crop it to a long narrow photo with less water.

What I'm seeing in a few of yours that perhaps could improved is using 'the law of thirds'.

You did have sort of flat light for some of those photos.

I'm pretty much a beginner though, so perhaps others will have a different opinion.

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