OK ALL YOU full frame camera fanatics

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John King
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Bandying words with a fool ...

SergeyGreen wrote:

John King wrote:


Come back when you have even the vaguest idea of what you are talking about, Green.

The manufacturer's ISO is the "real ISO". The manufacturer (any manufacturer ... ) has absolutely nothing to gain from selling a camera that does not expose correctly.

But it's not what the "owner" of the graphs you cited states,


As has been mentioned already, The E-M5 line cannot be compared directly to the ideal line because "true" ISO is about 1/3EV lower than the stated ISO. So think of the E-M5 line as about 1/3EV to the left of where it shows.


What a huge, massive, big deal ... 1/3 EV. The heavens just fell on me.

You mean to say that this dinky, crappy, useless little 4/3rds sensor is 3/4 of a stop behind the "FF" behemoths.
That's instead of the the 2 stops that you and the rest of the trolling sisterhood keep claiming as the advantage for the "FF" behemoths.

Oh dear. Shock, horror.

Just BTW, Green, you ought to check the results for said "FF" behemoths from the same source against their "ideal lines". You will find exactly the same thing occurring, more so for some, about the same for some, none are less so ... e.g.


As usual, you have gone off at half-cock, without understanding any of what is available to you as readily as it is to me. BUT, that doesn't suit your purpose either, of course.

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