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Re: 5D-D600-D800

marike6 wrote:

Interesting post but most of what you wrote - nonsense about blown highlights with the two Nikons, green color cast to all Nikon images, is simply not true.

Well - I've heard differently from unbiased users. What seems apparent is that, when faced with high DR situations, the D800's metering system is prone to blow highlights.

It's a pity given the shadow capabilities. It would be better if the metering tended toward under, not over. Pentax got this right with the k5, Nikon is still struggling.

I have a Nikon D800 and files from the D800 (DR improvements, no banding, etc) are considerably better than my previous camera the 5d II.

Yep - that sounds right. The 5D3 is an improvement in these areas too.

You may get upvotes for what you've written but very little regarding you criticisms of the two Nikons passes the truth test. There are perfectly valid reasons to buy a 5D3 (video comes to mind) but for still IQ, and sensor performance, the D800 and D600 are absolute state of the art right now.

Nope. The 'criticisms' have been made by others too.

And regarding "state of the art" ... LOL! They are fine cameras that lead the field in some areas and are behind in others. So be careful when applying the "truth test" to others!

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