Canon SELPHY CP900 Defect

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Re: Love To Hear From Other CP900 Owners

John Conte wrote:

I would love to hear from other CP900 owners whether they have this problem or not. I posted on Amazon and one other person has reported the same exact problem. Also, has this been an issue with the CP800 in the past? Seems like it would be the same printing engine and they both use the same Ink&Paper kits.

I know that I am writing this a bit late, but just for the record. I think that I have the same issue with the CP800. I noticed it yesterday. Its a subtle line parallel to the perforation and a bit more than a centimeter away from it. The line is repeating the color pattern but is a bit darker than the pixels around/below it. I have the printer since one year but I use it seldom and print normally from an external media. The problem is that I do not have any of the photos printed with it anymore. All went to friends. Months ago when you asked the original question I quickly checked a photo that I had and did not see the problem.

What I see now is the line mentioned above. It shows both when printing from a USB stick and from Qimage. Its funny that it is on the left side of the photo when printed from USB stick and on the right when printed from Qimage, but I suppose that this is related to the way the photo is processed before printing (both have the same orientation on the screen with the same orientation info in the exif, so I cannot really explain the left/right issue).

I am out of paper now, but the next time I print I will check whether one can see the issue during the 3 CMY passes.


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