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Daedalus2000 wrote:

spiegellos wrote:

The Leica M 8.2 is now my first camera and I am very happy with the camera. Ease of use is very simple and holding this great piece of camera in my hands I just amazing. The look of the pictures is less digital than that of the GXR M-mount. Per pixel sharpness is the best I have seen today even better than my old Canon 5D. In combination with my Elmarit 28 2.8 asph the sharpness is insane - I have never seen such a detail in 10 mpix sensor. My digital workflow is first importing the DNG with RPP and the importing the picture in Lightroom for some fine tuning. I strongly can recommend RPP for the M8 because AWB is perfect and colors are very fine with the K64 preset. My second lens is the Summicron 50 f2 V5. My Backup cameras are the Ricoh GXR with m-mount for high iso pictrues and the M6 classic for film. So all in all I am very happy with my actual gear and as a former Fuji X100 user I have never missed this camera but it also was a great tool. 

Do you still think that an M8 is a good investment? What about the fact that the lcd can not be replaced any more?

Thanks, D

At first you have to know that I still like shooting film with Leica Cameras: So high Iso performance a clinical and digital looking pictures without any grain or mood is not my first rate.

I have Leicaflex SL II with many  lenses, Leica  IIIf with m 39 lenses and a M6 Classic and I live 5 km away from Wetzlar/Solms.  I like Leica as a regional firm that produces excellent Products. My decisions are not always rational but otherwise I have tried other cameras and I always come back to Leica. Why?

I like to hold such a product in my hands and I sometimes let them Klick ! without a film just for fun. I never did this with another camera. My heard is going with leica and sometimes not my brain. I have so much fun using a Leica and there is always a smile on my face when I go out with such a piece of camera.

If you are always looking on tecnical details and megapixels then It might not be a good invesment for you. But if there is always a smile in your face holding a Leica M8 in your hands despite of some quirks then It will be a good investment for your heard and not in financial way. As a photografic tool at low iso and in the right hands I rate the M8.2  over Fuji X, Nikon and Canon.


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