New E 16-50mm review

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Re: New E 16-50mm review

flangad wrote:

very interesting and detailed review, based on real life samples (no studio testing).

explain many things and confirm the 16-50 is in fact a bad 14-50 that become a correct 16-50 after software corrections

it's recomended for jpg shooting with latest NEX body, that's excatly how i imagine using it, so this is very good for me.

I would be a RAW shooter, the concusion would be probably different.

I haven't read the review yet, but it is consistent with my experience.  I compared RAW shots from the lens to shots from my Nikon 14-24mm at 14mm and it covers about the same area.  However, coverage varies due to the--"yes"--quite significant distortion. At the bottom of the shot, coverage is probably around 13mm while a third up the frame coverage dips to about 15mm.

The distortion is most noticeable when there are straight lines near the border of shots. It can be corrected in LR or similar but not completely without much effort.  For me it's not a huge problem. It would be if I wanted to take architectural shots with it.

In the center, the lens is prickly sharp. However, it gets quite soft in the corners.  Stop it down to f/5.6 and the corners improve dramatically.

For me, this performance for a $150 kit lens that is super compact is more than acceptable.

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