When will Nikon upgrade the D4's sensor ?

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Grevture wrote:
The D1X, D2X and D3X made sense because they matched a need in the market. But alreday with the D3X there was many who argued they rather have had a D700X - they had rather seen the top MP sensor in a smaller body. And, that is in some ways what we have with the D800 now.

People asking for a D3x in a smaller body didn't want a lesser body but a smaller price.

Back in the older days when the dedicated sport/PJ models really lacked megapixels it made sense to also have a big nody model which combined high MP capabilities with reasonable (as good as possible) PJ/sports capabilities. But I doubt there is much market for such a camera left today.

The vertical grip is a must and the ergonomics are much better on the pro bodies. We do have a D800, but the D3xs are still the everyday workhorses in our studio and 2 others I'm at on a regular basis and I suspect it's the same elsewhere. That's the market for the D4x.

The market changes, and I cannot really see who would - today - rather buy a big body high MP model over a smaller body high body model.

All the people/studios using the D3x today will buy the D4x plus a lot of people currently using MF.

 Or in other words a theoretical 50 MP D4X over a theoretical 50 MP D800X or D810. For a sports/PJ camera a big body makes a lot of sense. But why would a big body make sense with a high MP model?

Because the pro bodies are the better bodies: better viewfinder, better battery, better ergonomics, better environmental sealing, much more robust.

I think the D800 shows in what kind of body (and at what general price point) Nikon is going to put their top image performing sensor for the next few camera generations. Then if the market shifts, they might change in some direction again.

That's like saying that from now on, Ferrari will put their best V12 engine in a medium-sized hatchback.

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