Nikon D600 gold award

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True Phiri colours starting to show again.

phiri wrote:

3systermuser wrote:

the D600 was also a very slow camera in operation speed and its LCD has some some annoying green cast in it but at least it can display images very fast even in Adobe RGB mode.

but again its dust and poor build quality should have made it a not-recommended kind of camera.

Yeah right...... You have never used a D600. Just accept it. The world will not end simply because the D600 is overshadowing the a99. Accept that man and you will be a very happy man. Blame Sony for its poor timing of release. Now everybody is comparing it to the D600 in stead of its real competitors the D800 and the 5DMKIII. Now what do you think will be the score for a99? The minus points will be its AF array compared to the 5DMKIII and D800, High ISO etc. They will give pluses on AF limiter. The score will be around 79. Now folks here will go crazy because they will wonder why the D600 was given this high score and a99 only 79 forgetting that the D600 will only compete with the Canon 6D

Didn't take long for you to drop your facade again.

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