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Re: Since you found these links

SergeyGreen wrote:

John King wrote:

Check out the differences here at a more realistic site ...


Or here for the D800/OM-D comparison

Doesn't seem to be quite so much as DxOMark would like us all to believe ...

Let's just say that DxOMark have an "unconventional" methodology.
This could be expressed differently ...

You might find this post by Bill Claff' revealing,


I don't measure or report based on "real" ISO but on the manufacturer stated ISO.

Kind of reminds of the world's fastest AF.

Come back when you have even the vaguest idea of what you are talking about, Green.

The manufacturer's ISO is the "real ISO". The manufacturer (any manufacturer ... ) has absolutely nothing to gain from selling a camera that does not expose correctly. This is one of the great failings in logic of DxOMark's "measurements". It is also the great logical failing of Joe's "equivalence theory" in that he seems to believe that DoF somehow determines exposure parameters, and not the other way around.

All of my cameras (digital and analog) agree with each other, and the light readings from my Gossen Lunasix light meter, with the sole exception of ISO 100 on my E-510, which appears to be around ISO 125. A much agreed upon figure ... It is why I do not use ISO 100 on this camera. The other ISO readings agree with my other cameras, and mine and other's light meters.

Your other snide troll remark I will let go through to the keeper (or the rubbish bin ... ), which is where it belongs.

And how sad, Bill Claff's actual measurements taken from actual files do not support the arrant nonsense we keep hearing from the trolling fraternity here; and does support what users of the OM-D alongside a wide variety of "FF" cameras are reporting. That must have you and your ilk running scared. What's "your" D800E worth now Green? Worried ...

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