Nikon D600 gold award

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Re: Nikon D600 gold award

Mann what a reaction's on this item. People have to keep it much more simple. Compare cameras by yourself and see what is the best one for you. A test never knows who you are and how you use it. The score does not say that much. It only says it is a good camera. Like the A99 is. It is different. I prefer the A99 cause of a personal preference. With my Samsung plasma screen it can give a much more dynamic and colourful image. I could even buy A Nikon D800 for less then I had to pay for the Sony. I really didn't care. I want only what is best for me. Nikon is still very good, but in my world a Sony 99 is superior. Why? Because at my Samsung screen the image is superior to that of the Nikon D600. I will do 50% video and 50% photos. In video mode the A99 is so much better usable. The flexible screen gives you much more controle over the video. Now I can see what the picture will be before I can make it. And mann panaoramic photos is so great to shoot. I cannot imagine not to have this on my camera. So Be happy and buy the camera what fitts you.

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