DR is no more an Olympus weakness : DXO E-PL5 review

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Re: DR is no more an Olympus weakness : DXO E-PL5 review

So on paper, the epl-5 is the new m43 king, it gets an extra point for the improved noise handling? This is interesting as I do find the OM-D very good with noise handling, especially with the new f/w. In any event from 50's to 70@s is incredible leap in performance and not only DR, look at the noise performance these cams are turning in.

Pixnat2 wrote:

DXO just posted it's E-PL5 review.

No surprise, but it's nice to see the huge jump in DR compared to former PENs, thanks to the new sensor


Narrow DR is no more than a bad souvenir

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