70-200 vrii vs prime lenses quality

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Re: 70-200 vrii vs prime lenses quality

For the things you describe (kids and portraits), and much over generalizing on my part, you are not going to notice much IQ difference between the 70-200 VRII and primes from that range.

In other words, the 70-200 VRII is no slouch in the IQ department. So in a way I think you asking the wrong question. You should be looking at versatility, cost, size, weight, what primes are actually available in your price range, how you intend to use the primes and how many you would need, and whether you need f/1.4, f/1.8, f/2, macro etc.

Hope this helps you think more out of the box about your next steps.

Long term, most shooters could justify owning both primes and zooms, so if I were you I would think about what you need next as your immediate top priority. In my journey (in order) I added 85mm f/1.8D, 180mm, 70-200 VR1, 135mm f/2, 70-200 VR2 and sold all the primes. I would like to get some newer G primes in future.

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