Anything faster than Lightroom?

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Re: Anything faster than Lightroom?

Alpha Doug wrote:

Haven't checked out LR lately, but in Aperture, if you set the "preview" size to be equal to the largest resolution of your monitor, then when you switch to Full Screen mode (truly full screen, not just the absence of menu panels) the images pop up immediately, and you can move through them just using the arrow keys. No significant slowdown that I can detect.

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Only my opinion. It's worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary! ;-}

If the OP is using Slideshow and that is what we don't know yet, it can be set up for 'true full screen' with no menus at all.

I would have thought he was using this mode if he was showing friends his photo collection as it is the easiest choice and for quickness can be triggered from the 'library'. If you go into the slideshow settings you can also get rid of any borders and the height of the photo will fit the screen just as it does in Aperture. You need to switch off the file name from being shown as well and the ID panel. You can also ask it to fill the screen with the images as well with no borders whatsoever.

I just checked it out to make sure I was correct. Have used it with clients before as well. Images fitted the height of the screen with no borders and filled the screen with no borders when that feature was used as well. I just use the left and right keys to advance the images.

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