Why 'Stops' for exposure?

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aardvark7 wrote:

The units would still exist; they have to as they are a physical consequence of have a relationship between the size of the aperture and the focal length, and the time the shutter is open!

All I am saying is that there is no reason on God's green Earth why it can't be a continuous smooth change.

Given the responsibility and facility, I'm sure that I could condense the three dials and three buttons into one smooth dial and one joystick. Wouldn't you prefer that, or do you enjoy the 'pianoforte' experience of a modern DSLR and its veritable 'keyboard' of buttons?

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People sound like you are proposing something radical.  I think you're significantly underestimating how much the interface will change in the near future.  A company could make the dial and joystick interface today, but it would become obsolete very quickly.

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