Anything faster than Lightroom?

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Re: Anything faster than Lightroom?

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I switched over to lightroom a couple of years ago after finding iPhoto choked on RAW files and Aperture was just slower. I'm getting frustrated although with the general slowness of Lightroom when I want to show people my photo collection in full screen so I'm looking for something faster. I just got a D600 recently so it's even slower now.

So far the fastest I've found has been Nikon's ViewNX 2. Picasa is faster than Lightroom, but still takes a while to render RAWs when you zoom in. I don't do much post processing other than adjusting the exposure slider & maybe auto-tone, so I'm fine with something that can manage & display a library well and is fast but doesn't have many post processing functions. I aim to get it right the first time.

Suggestions? I have a new 15" Macbook Pro with an SSD (photos on a separate HDD) and 16GB of RAM, so I'm not open to 'upgrade your computer'.

How long is your computer taking to render the slideshow as I have never found that to be an issue with Lightroom and I am running a slower system than you? What are the settings you are using for previews? I am just thinking this could be a set up issue more than anything.

Elai is not using slideshows. Just showing a set of photos in fullscreen mode. And yes, there is caching, thumbnails and previews but the point of LR and Aperture is that the final images are not stored but always rendered on the fly which can take a second or two (and occasionally a bit more your graphic card memory or RAM gets maxed out).

The solution for this is to switch to a mode that only uses pre-rendered images that only require a resizing on the fly (they can then employ jpeg compression as one trades off a bit of compression artefacts against speed of access and if one does not need to change any image adjustments the 8-bit nature of jpegs is also not limiting as almost all monitors are 8-bit-only anyway).

Aperture does have such a Quick Preview mode where it only uses already rendered jpegs. And it is really very quick in this mode. If you want full zoomability in this mode you have to put up with creating full-size preview images which add to your library size (and increase background processing while they are created and updated). And you cannot do any adjustments in this mode but being able to change an adjustment is just one keypress away (just hit the letter P), though, naturally in normal processing mode you are back to the relative 'slowness' of live-rendering raw files.

I would expect LR to have such a mode as well but I don't know.

The original OP does not say he is not using Slideshow. I would have thought he was using this mode if he was showing friends his photo collection as it is the easiest choice and for quickness can be triggered from the 'library'. He might not be though? If you go into the slideshow settings you can also get rid of any borders and the height of the photo will fit the screen just as it does in Aperture. You can also ask it to fill the screen with the images as well with no borders whatsoever. Until he lets us know what settings he is using we can't help him with new settings which might speed things up though.

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