Fuji XF 14mm lens

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Fernando Moreno Junior Member • Posts: 41
Re: Fuji XF 14mm lens

Daniel from Bavaria wrote:


if that is true, it's a real pitty. I was really looking forward to that lens and already sold my Zeiss 21mm.

What I fear for Fuji, is that a lot of people will now stronger consider the Zeiss 12mm lens, as some of the unpatient ones would have already bought the Fuji, but now the Zeiss may come just in time.

I for myself will wait for the Fuji, as 21mm is more practical for my purposes than 18mm (FF-equiv).

My even bigger fear is, that they now will also postpone the 23mm, which is from my point of view the most important lens for the Fuji X-line and it's success. That is the lens which they should have lunched from the beginning, imho.



The same with me. I already sold my 18mm Fuji expecting to get the 14mm in november. The Zeiss 12mm is too wide for me.

There are some Fuji presentations here in Madrid next week, and the new lenses are on the program, but after the posts I have read, I am afraid it will be just talk and no show.


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