Shooting with two bodies, thoughts

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It has been a dilemma for a long time

CharlesTokyo wrote:

I'm come to a bit of a dilemma recently. I'm taking a photography class I really enjoy and get a lot out of, but I need to go out and shoot daily. I also stick with the same lens, the Panasonic 20mm and probably moving to the new 17mm by Olympus when it's out. I know that focal length well, but because of my daily shooting other lenses rarely seem time on my camera now. I have wider angles, like the 7.5mm FE and 9-18, along with telephotos like the 45mm and 75mm that I can't really use for my class and thus don't get used. Likewise I never really experiment with 14mm or 25mm, while not a huge difference from 20, they do give a slightly different perspective I can use.

Recently I've considered picking up a second body to go with my E-M5. I've grown very comfortable both shooting with the 20mm and processing the photos it's good for me, but because of that comfort level I find myself wanting to branch out a little more. Changing lenses isn't hard, but I often see something I want a photo of, switch back to the 20, then back to the lens I was using. It's kind of a hassle, so I haven't been swapping much lately.

Do any of you often carry two bodies to shoot with primes? Do you find it's an improvement over swapping lenses all the time? Anyone try and find it wasn't for them? I imagine having the proper bag would make a difference.

The last part would be picking the camera. A second OM-D with the same control scheme and IS is the way I'm leaning. A E-PL5 isn't much cheaper. It would have to be an E-PM2 to save any money

I first realised that this could be a problem back in the days of film when I shot with two Canon SLRs. I fitted one with a Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm zoom and the other with a Vivitar Series 1 35-85mm varifocal, both of which are excellent lenses.

Now I happen to be a biggish sort of person, nearly 2m tall and weighing in at just over 105 kg (that is over 6' 5" and over 230 lbs in imperial measures), so as a younger man carrying all that weight around was not a problem.

Then life dealt its usual blows; I lost the use of my left hand in an accident and found that m43 cameras allowed me to change lenses and shoot one-handed very nicely thank you. Typically I walk around with the GH2 and 14-140mm fitted and find it suits most situations and allows me to shoot video as well as stills. I carry my other lenses in a backpack and find that the old adage of 'more haste less speed' holds true when it comes to changing lenses. In short I find that it helps to  figure out in your mind when you need to change lenses and then just do it.

A lot of people talk about missing the decisive moment by only having a single camera/lens combination, but I find that a bit of preparation and a good quality zoom is the way to go for me.

If you do decide to buy an additional body then it would make most sense to me to duplicate the one you already have since you will be more familiar with its quirks and foibles.

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