Is Canon S100/S110 still the best in its category?

Started Nov 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: DXO S110 Review up

NIK11 wrote:

As expected, virtually no improvement on the S100. But still an attactive buy for those wishing a slim package. The S100 gives up about 1/10sec A/F speed and touchscreen.


I was astounded by the comparison with the Sony DSC-RX100.
The review states that the Sony is virtually the same size, I consider that an extra 9mm thickness (one third as thick again) is a massive increase for a pocket camera. Also the comparison totally ignores the fact that the maximum wide angle of the Sony lens is a paltry 28mm whereas the Canon boasts a top-of-class 24mm, and also zooms out further.

The Sony may well take better images than the Canon, but that is not the only consideration when buying a camera. For me the Sony is not a pocket camera whilst the Canon most definitely is.

Also, I have just bought a Canon S100 for £240 (could have got it for £207), the Sony costs double that.

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