A99 w/studio strobes sync issues?

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Re: A99 w/studio strobes sync issues?

Nordstjernen wrote:

philbot wrote:

That wasn't a correct answer at all, it was a bit misleading at best..

What is wrong with the answer that tbcass linked to?

I said: "It is about knowing studio flash systems". Trigging (cable/IR/radio etc) is for sure part of the studio flash system. And when the system is out of sync, you will get cut-off even with shutter speeds within the sync range of the camera! I have seen this several times with other cameras.

Hi Nord,

My comment was based on your full post which was..

"Maximum camera sync shutter speed is matched for speedlights, not for studio strobes, since they have much longer flash duration. Time to find the specs for the flash system you are using!

For many studio flashes shortest sync speed is 1/125 sec. For some system you can get special "high speed" radio triggers to sunc at 1/250 sec.

So this is not about the camera. It is about knowing studio flash systems."

And it's a little misleading because it is not a definitive answer to the OP for the following reasons..

1. Flash duration has nothing to do with the curtain (black bar) issues the OP observed

2. Most studio flashes do not have a max sync of 1/125th, especially the OPs Einsteins..

3. He already had triggers that work at 1/250th on his A77

4. The studio flash system was declared in the OP, and was more then up to the job.

Obviously we've since seen people that have the same issue show that optically triggering studio strobes from on-camera flash works fine, and their triggers behave identically to using a PC Sync cable..

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