SEL 1018 Incompatible with PDAF

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Re: SEL 1018 Incompatible with PDAF

Not having access to this lens I have to accept that it doesn`t perform well enough to match the OP`s  expectations.

The fact that Sony don`t seem to know if this lens can handle PDAF is a sadly familiar story. They always go out of the way to create an impression that they don`t know their own products or much about photography either. However it is equally likely that they do, in this case , know the answer but don`t want to tell us .........

If  ,as someone suggested ,there are good reasons why it isn`t compatible with PDAF then why not just tell us ?  IF however they forgot to develop this capability in a product that is newer than the latest cameras then I can understand why this might be embarassing....

No doubt in time we will know but by now we should know that the NEX line moves slowly & all users are required to be very patient.

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