Noise in next generation Canon 7D should match Nikon D800

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Re: Noise in next generation Canon 7D should match Nikon D800

bobn2 wrote:

The magic bullet part is the DR.

No it isn't. It's the latest hype but think about it: When have you ever seen a decent photo which has 12 or more stops of DR? I haven't and the more DR you cram into a sensor the worse those really good photos, which live from the vibrancy within the 5-7 stops of dynamic range that are feasibly presentable in any media, will look and the more editing these good photos will require. Talk to the guys that have recently switched from Canon to Nikon: All I know have a hard time adapting to the finicky metering - which overexposes by about a stop when uncorrected if there is little DR in the scene, correcting by -1 stop makes it underexpose by 1 stop if there is more DR - so there is a constant trial and error process because the metering - or some sensor "magic" - is messing up the consistency required!

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