The best educated voted for Obama & the worst educated voted for Romney

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Re: I'm not surprised at all.

lanef wrote:

I am not surprised, the red necks, paranoid and God Mad crowd have great difficulty with critical thinking and are easily brainwashed. If their preacher tells them, the Moon with God on it has landed in the North; all of them will jump in their cars and drive up there like mad.

Hate to break it to you. It is the conservatives here that make our state smart. The liberals in Minneapolis and Saint Paul are what drags down the averages for the state. The conservative kids are the ones at the 99th or 100th percentile. (depending on the scale)

Liberals need to come out of their tiny little bubbles and see what American Exceptionalism is. Come and see what individuals can do when they rise above being one of the masses of sheep, waiting for mommy government to tell them what to do or think.

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