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brianj wrote:

At last someone says how EXR should have worked, it could have produced seemless high quality under all conditions without any thought from the user about what machinations are going on inside.

From the review:

"What Fuji should have done is made an auto mode that maintains best perceptual image quality: in good light, shoot at 12MP, say up to ISO 800; in high contrast situations, automatically use DR400; finally, when the required ISO goes to say 1600 or above, then start binning pixels down to 6MP."

Except that that information misses out on the most dramatic effect of EXR, which occurs in M size images:

  • the ability to hold at least 2EV of highlight information above 0EV when using DR400 (which is otherwise clipped away in JPEG or when using DR100)
  • the ability to recover that "hidden" highlight information using RAW software such as the bundled RFC/aka Silkypix.

In L size and M size when ISO is higher than DR, the unique sensor pixel pairing which occurs with the EXR sensor supposedly does not take place.  What's the point of an EXR sensor if you don't use it under the conditions it is designed for?

In L size it uses sensor amplification to "save" the highlight information once DR is set higher than 100, and this results in noisier images because ISO is raised to accomplish this.

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